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Meet Jessica

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My Journey

While I have been lucky enough to not experience major health crises, the last 15 years were a constant downward turn of my overall well-being. Weight was creeping up, headaches were getting worse, digestive symptoms flared more regularly, and my mood and energy levels were steadily declining. A blood test showed me to be at the cusp of pre-diabetes. I knew that this was not optimal living, but wasn't sure what to do about it.

Then I discovered the true power of real food. I was able to largely eliminate my cravings, drop 3 sizes, and notice a drastic change in energy and headaches with way less effort than I ever expected.

I have had a passion for real food and local regenerative agriculture for a long time, but spent many years without a true focus on bringing them into my life. Now, I try to feed my body the best food I can afford, and support area farmers as much as possible. I believe strongly that these two components can heal both our bodies and our earth.

A quick introduction...

I have been in Portland, OR with my wife for almost 6 years, and love it! We have an ever expanding experiment of a garden (the subject of all of the photos you see on here), and a small flock of chickens - these pursuits take up much of my time.

I spend much of my free time reading and gardening. I love to escape into the wild areas around us whenever possible.

My Commitment to You:​

  • I will work with you to give you the tools you need - from a personalized, bio-individual healing approach to shopping and food preparation tips.

  • I will be your partner in this journey and will support you throughout the healing process.

Know that you are not alone. 


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